Monday, 13 October 2008

About my students!

Dear Sonia,
I live in a flat in Alzira. I get up at half past seven every morning, and I have milk and cereals.
I leave the flat at quarter past eight and walk to school. I finish classes at half past one, and I arrive home at two.
At the moment, I am writing an essay, my parents are watching TV.
On Friday afternoons, I go to Victor's house, Ian's house or Josemis's house.
Today, I am going to Victor's house. We always watch terror videos . Do you like videos?


Sònia said...

Hello my name is Clàudia.I'm 13.I live in Alzira,I like playing the violin and I play the clarinet.I like reading books and I like watching TV.


Sònia said...

Hi, my name is Isabel, I am 13 and I live in Alzira, Spain. I speak Spanish and Catalan.

I play the violin, clarinet and piano. My favourite food is macarroni. I don' t like chocolate. I go swimming and I love reading.

My favourite activity after school is playing my instruments and watching TV.

Sònia said...

hellooooooooooo soniaaaaaaaaaaaaa

by: Isabel

I like your blog.