Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Ausias March, "the Valencian Shakespeare".

It is Ausias March's 55oth anniversary after his death. The Valencian poet died on 3th March 1459.

Ausiàs March (c. 1397 – March 3, 1459) was a Valencian poet who was born in Gandia (València) towards the end of the 14th century.

Little is known of his career. From a very young age he took part in the expeditions that Alfons El Magnànim carried out in the Mediterranean. After the age of twenty-seven, however, he would never leave the region where he was born. He was twice married—first to N'Isabel Martorell , and second to Na Joana Escorna.

Inheriting an easy fortune from his father Pere March, March was able to devote himself to poetical composition.

March was one of the first poets to use the everyday language Catalan, instead of the troubadour language,Occitan . His verses were transmitted in manuscript tradition until its first print edition in Catalan in 1543, but they had already become known through the Spanish translation in 1539.

We can listen to Raimon singing one of the most famous Ausias March's poems, Veles e vents:

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