Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Do you take the challenge?

Here you are some questions, do you take the challenge? How many questions can you answer?
  • This summer, the Olympic Games are being held in London. How many different sports are there?
  • This musician performed at the jubilee concert in June and will close the London 2012 opening ceremony. He’s 70 years old. What’s his name ?
  • It is a special day in the U.S. It’s celebrated on the fourth of July. What is the day called?
  •  Complete the title of the new  film: Man in  _____.
  •  In the Northern Hemisphere, summer starts on 20th June, 2012. When does it end?
  • English: How do you say “ canviar d'idea” in English?
  •  The ‘people's princess’ died 15 years ago on 31st August 1997. What was her name and title?
  •  In which months do school summer holidays begin and end in Australia?

    Enjoy your summer holidays!

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