Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Gorgeous weather at Easter!

Hi there! Welcome back! After such a long holiday, one feels a bit curious about what people did with their time-off; especially with that gorgeous weather which seemed to push you outdoors. Here is my Easter post! I have been to Madrid for the holiday. I went with my family and we stayed in a hotel near the centre. We were there for three days. We travelled around the city by underground; we saw the so-called "Puerta del Sol" and we visited several museums. We also saw some lovely parks and, of course, we enjoyed walking along the famous streets, such as Alcala Street or "La Castellana". We ate the traditional "churros", they are delicious! Now we are ready to go on with the year :)
You haven't seen your partner for about two weeks, you will have lots of things to tell each other. Ask your partner:
1. What did you do during the Easter break?
2. What are the Spanish traditions at Easter?
( skip the skipping-rope, fly the kite, eat a bun, .....
3. Do you know any English traditions?
( give chocolate eggs, hide them and have to look for them; coloured boiled hard eggs, ....)
4.What are your commitments over the next two months?

Enjoy this song! Clap along if you feel like hapiness is the truth! :)

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